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Oscar Mayer

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Oscar Mayer

For the love of lunch - Rebrand

What ever happened to lunch?

That time of day we used to spend the morning dreaming about. That favorite hour set aside to taste freedom. Recharge. And, at last, unlock the sweet surprise safely tucked away in that toted vault called our lunchbox, and eat something yummy while sitting next to our best friend. We loved lunch.


But something happened. It seems something stole lunch. Or maybe just nibbled away at it until it wasn’t the same.

Lunch lovers, take heart. Oscar Mayer believes lunch is a basic human right. Worth fighting for. Worth protecting. Reclaiming. Celebrating. Not lunch as in a mere refueling and return to the day’s routine. But lunch in all its meaty goodness glory.


It’s why we write songs about bologna and drive around in 20-foot Wienermobiles. It’s why we’ve developed packaging that captures all the deliciousness of the deli and keeps meat fresh as the day it was sliced. We’re passionate about finding new ways to pack smiles into lunchboxes, ll the spaces between two pieces of bread with joy and warm a welcome in a microwave. So even if your lunch hour is only 13 minutes long, it’s really, really good.

Everything we do, we do for one reason. One passion.

For the love of lunch.